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Visual Studio for Mac with Ligatures font ‘Fira Code’

In a previous post I described how to set up the Ligatures font “Fira Code” in Visual Studio 2017. As I startet coding these days in Visual Studio for Mac (Version 7) I like to have Ligatures fonts in this IDE too. So I started a journey to set up “Fira Code” on my MacBook Pro with macOS HighSierra installed.

I had no clue how to install new fonts on a Mac. So I tried to download the TTF fonts and drop them in the folder /Library/Fonts without success. On the Fira Code Github site they write about click “Install Font“. This didn’t work too. Then I tried adding them via the app “Font Book” (part of macOS). Didn’t work.

Finally I used the method by installing it using the two “brew” command as described here as I have brew already installed on my Mac anyway. This finally worked!

The rest then was easy as Visual Studio for Mac supports Ligatures fonts out of the box:

  1. Open Visual Studio for Mac
  2. Open Preferences > Fonts
  3. Choose Fira Core Retina as the editor font.
  4. Done.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 20.50.58

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