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Visual Studio 2017 support for Ligatures fonts like ‘Fira Code’

Based on the post Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures from Scott Hanselman I tried if that works in for the classic Visual Studio too. Short answer: yes, the Ligatures support works out of the box – no settings other then choosing the font is needed.

Here is some sample TypeScript code written in Visual Studio 2017:

vs2017_ligatures - zoom

How to install?

Install the font on your Windows box like described here. Then open Visual Studio and go to Tools > Options > Fonts and Color and choose ‘Fira Code” and press ‘Ok’. That’s it!


Enjoy the new coding-world with Ligatures!

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I love to write software. More then two decades ago I managed to make my hobby my full-time job so I spent more then 20 year writing professional software (I guess that makes me a "Senior Software Developer"). The last few years I spend most of the time developing in C#/.Net for all kind of windows-, web- and embedded-software.

In my free time I enjoy my family, taking photos and go diving in cold lakes and rivers in Switzerland.

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